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Astrology Reading Phone Call

Astrology Reading Phone Call

Are you the kind of person who relies on Zodiac signs to match up with dating profiles online? Perhaps you enjoy knowing people’s signs as soon as you meet because you enjoy knowing they can offer you a couple of benefits. The gag is that there is a lot more to one’s personality than the sun sign, and getting to know someone via their Zodiac is never enough for you to build up a solid persona. We explore the common myths about astrology, so you can find value in seeking astrology readings to help your life.

Debunking myths before you get an astrology reading phone call

The sun sign is enough

The sun sign is what most people understand when they refer to Zodiac signs. The problem with this perspective is that a lot more goes into creating your astrological chart than the one single sun sign. Astrologers calculate your chart by factoring in your time and date of birth so that they can get specific as possible. This case means that two Taurus sun signs may have completely different personalities if they were born at least one hour apart. In the end, you need the details of the entire chart to understand your partner, yourself, or another person better.

Astrology is a fantasy.

Zodiac signs are not the whimsical imaginations of astrologers. Ancient astrologers know the deep archetypes of the subject and have enough psychology to back up the claims. Astrology phone psychic readings can help solve the dilemmas and dynamics of complex life because the planets carry the same energy they have for centuries and still produce the same effect on our personal lives.

Transits do not have an effect.

Most people will learn about the transits as soon as they understand the basics of a natal chart. The next challenge is to understand that transiting planets are just as impactful as natal planets; hence they will always affect your daily life. How is this possible?

Transiting planets will affect your life because they touch on your natal points. This means that mercury retrograde in Gemini will affect the point of your chart with Gemini placements, and so on for all other kinds of signs. Anyone who has an eye for transits will notice that certain transits will affect the collective community, such as a sudden surge of divorces or breakups due to mercury retrograde in Libra, which shines a light on how we relate to other people.

You do not have free will.

Do you think a phone call astrology service will bind you to certain predicaments in life? Most people gravitate towards spirituality because they do not like the restrictive conditions of religion. Astrology is not as restrictive as other doctrines, even if it helps define the kind of experiences you have in life. An astrology reading will never steer you away from your path because it only helps to highlight your existing underlying mental and emotional nature.

Do you still need an On-call astrologer? It makes sense to consider astrology a spiritual science that expedites your self-discovery and development journey. Feel free to get in touch with me, an astrologer on call, to book free astrology guidance on the phone that will propel you to the next stage of life with ease.