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Spiritual Protection Candles

Spiritual Protection Candles

Candles are not only created to lighten up your physical world; they also bring light to the darkness in your world. Candles’ connection to spirituality is not something new. Spiritual candles have the power to bring a state of calm, totally alter your state of being and uplift your mood. Here are some of the ways you can use spiritual candles.

Balance and Peace

Prayer is about achieving a balance in life and everlasting peace. Candles can be unified with spiritual rituals that can double the benefits. The placement and colors of the spiritual protection candles make the difference. Candles have different colors that provide a different purpose. For instance, white is the color of peace, protection, purification, wholeness, enlightenment, and blessing. Plus, white candles can also help you invoke lunar energy. If you are considering rituals that involve medication and concentration, a white candle is one of the most commonly preferred options.

Strengthening Relationship

We all pray to have a good life partner. And prayer is the best way to achieve this desire and pray for fulfillment from divine power. Red candles represent vigor, desire, physical, and love. For strengthening your relationship, you may want to get red candles burning in your bedroom to strengthen your relationship. 

Improve Health

Spirituality and physical health go hand in hand. Since green is the color of nature, it stimulates growth, both financially and physically. While meditating with green candles has a positive effect on your physical health, it will also help you solve your money-related problems. Candles are usually integrated with meditation, and they have a lot of benefits. Besides, green candles have the power to help you relieve stress and tension and leave you with a healthier and fresh look.

Spiritual Protection

Spiritual protection can be a lot of things or a combination of these things. Today, there is a lot of physical and spiritual energy searching for an energy source for nourishment, and if you don’t protect yourself, you could unknowingly pick up energies and entities that get sucked into your auras and drain you. The go-to spiritual protection candles are black candles, as they provide protection from negative energy. Black candles also use the universal healing energy to protect you from illness. You can also use gold candles as they offer protection in relation to personal success.

Handle Work Load 

Spiritual candles can also do wonders when it comes to handling workload. It can help you relieve the emotional burden so that you can feel relaxed. When there is excess wood energy in the house, it can make you feel extremely overworked. Light the candles every morning and see how light you will feel. The location, candle placement, color, and scent all play a significant role in helping you channel the energy.

Where to Buy Spiritual Candles? 

13 U has a stock of spiritual candles in different colors and shapes for their customers. Check out our online store for your own spiritual candles. Plus, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help or have questions related to spiritual and witch candles.

Spiritual Protection Candles